Sourdough workshop at Tim Moss

It's time for our next sourdough workshop at the Tim Moss showroom.

The one day intensive, hands-on introduction to sourdough baking will be led by Lawrence Leason, who will guide a small group through the entire bread-making process: how to make and care for your sourdough starter, work with wet and stiff doughs, and the art of kneading. Students will learn how to gently coax the few simple ingredients into beautiful, elastic battards and boules ready for the oven.

Everyone in the class will learn how to bake 90% white sourdough boule, Olive and walnut sourdough loaf, ciabatta, 100% rye sourdough and maybe one other if there is a particular request form students.

The course will take place from 10.30am - 4pm and will include a delicious lunch and the chance to sample Lawrence’s ready-made loaves along with some fine cheese, a freshly made soup and a glass or two of wine.

All participants will leave with a bag of glorious warm loaves (ciabattas and sourdough boules in our case), a bread-makers’ kit (which includes recipe and instruction sheets, proving baskets, scrapers and a pot of sourdough starter), and hopefully the ambition to get into some serious baking at home.

The small class size and individual instruction make the course perfect for those wanting to explore the fascinating world of sourdough baking.

Look out for future bread making course and hopefully some exciting upcoming collaborations with local wine tasters and artisan cheese makers