The Alchemy of Sourdough

With Spring approaching the sourdough starter is livening up and 6 new sourdough students took part in a day long class at Tim Moss Kitchens on the 26th February.

Lawrence Leason masters the ancient craft of sourdough bread making and is passionate about passing on the skill.
 "More than any other bread, sourdough represents the magical transformation of just flour, water and salt into creations of beauty that taste better, last longer and, as more and more people are finding,  is more easily digestible than regular yeast breads. Learning to bake is a craft and a process of developing and like any craft it calls into being qualities of mindfulness and receptivity, as well as the excitement and satisfaction when you pull a great loaf from the oven." Lawrence Leason

Course gets underway

Course gets underway

In the course of the day we made a tasty sourdough focaccia, a hearty rye bread, a beautifully formed sourdough boule, and a crunchy ciabatta, talking about the special properties of sourdough cultures, practising our kneading techniques, getting our hands very sticky, drinking lots of coffee, eating lunch and chatting about everything from Iranian lavash bread to baking in a diesel Aga on a canal boat! We tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid politics. 

Good work!

Good work!

The next course is on Sunday March 19th and can be booked by going to

Look forward to seeing you there!


What people have said......

"I am so happy to have finally made a ‘perfect’ loaf! "

"Everyone was so incredibly nice and not intimidating.  I love how laid back the instruction was".

"...a lovely group of people - it was great fun baking with them all. "

"It was the best course I've ever done"