Cowbridge Kitchen

Just returned from fitting a very sleek kitchen in a beautiful 18th century cottage in the market town of Cowbridge, South Wales, commissioned as part of a major renovation of the property.

The owners wanted a clean-edged, contemporary design befitting their new steel and glass extension. However, they also wanted the design to reflect the warm, natural tones of the cottage and surrounding courtyard garden.

Cowbridge kitchen

Cowbridge kitchen

They opted for flat paneled door in a beautiful Alpi manufactured veneer, which has a soft textile quality. The colour gently takes the eye from kitchen to garden.

The structure of the kitchen was also important. The owners -  both keen cooks -  wanted maximum counter-space and plenty of elbow-room with an ergonomic positioning of storage and appliances.  Copious cupboard space was also provided to ensure the minimalist aesthetic could be easily maintained in the reality of a busy kitchen.

From the client

"I asked Tim to design a kitchen that would also be a dining room, so clutter would need to be minimalised. Also to focus on the garden which can be seen through the kitchen’s two glass walls. His design is a triumph and has just the right feel for our lifestyle: kitchen equipment, cupboards, drawers and so forth occupy the two solid walls, but although substantial, simply don’t dominate the room. They do the job elegantly and most efficiently  (he suggested really good appliances), but what draws the gaze is the living world outside.

"I love our new kitchen: the design is stunning (all visitors gasp in amazement) and the working areas spacious and ergonomic, but the atmosphere of the room is calm and welcoming. It’s as comfortable to work in as it is to sit at table with friends and family. It’s become the life-enhancing centre of our home."

Linda Osborn