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Tim Moss appears Living North - Spring 13

Just as the kitchen is the true hub of the home these days, so too has Tim Moss become something of a mainstay in Muswell Hill. His showroom has been open on Dukes Mews for nigh on a decade now, his workshop was here before that, and even the latter has a unique connection to the N10 area, being the stables where horses servicing the area were kept.

Entering his showroom is like entering your dream kitchen: spacious, warm and inviting. ‘Some people look at that kitchen and say it’s too modern, others say it’s too traditional,’ my host smiles when I raise that point. ‘Most people today want a kitchen to fall between the two, which is where I come in because it’s so subjective’...

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 Living North: Spring 2013  Download PDF [0.1MB]

Living North: Spring 2013
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